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Will The Real @COP22 Please Stand Up?

A policeman (or "cop") in Texas. Photo: Andrey Bayda /
A policeman (or "cop") in Texas. Photo: Andrey Bayda /

As the world gears up for the 22nd UN climate summit in Marrakesh later this year, there’s some confusion about who represents the organisers on social media.

Fake social media accounts are commonplace with high profile celebrities but who would have thought the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) would run into this problem?

If you’re like us and would like to start getting Twitter updates about the upcoming UN summit – which will be even more important than the one in Paris – you will find it’s actually not that straightforward.

Mysteriously, two rival Twitter accounts have emerged claiming to be the “official” climate summit accounts, run by host country Morocco: @COP22ma and @COP22__. Following the COP21 climate change summit in Paris last year, COP22 is the acronym that represents this year’s conference in Marrakesh.

Which One is Real?

A spokesperson at the UNFCCC’s headquarters in Bonn has confirmed to the Daily Planet which of the two is the actual official Twitter account for the Marrakesh climate summit.

Before our big reveal… try out the slider below to see if you can spot the fake!



Big Reveal

So which one is the real one? Is it @COP22ma with 2002 followers – at the time of writing – or @COP22__ with 646 followers?

Drumroll… according to the UNFCCC, @COP22ma is in fact an unofficial account and @COP22__ is the real deal, for the moment.

The official account sent its first tweet just last week on 7 April 2016, whereas the first tweet (a @COP21 retweet) from the other account was sent on 12 December last year on the day the Paris Agreement was adopted.

UPDATE: The official COP22 account has now also confirmed its realness with a show of hands in true Twitter style.

Jason from Texas

But the mystery doesn’t end there, here’s another plot twist: a certain Jason (our best guess: a 28 year old police officer from Texas?) appears to be running a third account related to the upcoming UN summit.

He set up @COP22 in 2010, and one of the only two people followed by Jason has indicated a location: Texas. No tweets have been sent from the account in the six years of its existence.

The UNFCCC has confirmed to the Daily Planet that COP22 organisers are working with Twitter to see if they can take over this account so it can serve as the official COP22 account.

Let us know in the comments if you know any other COP22 related accounts we should all be following!


UPDATE 2: COP22 is now officially verified! 🙌

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