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What will the smart city of the future look like?

Smart energy company Drayton, have created an interactive graphic that will tell you just how long it will be until your city is filled with extraordinary and innovative technology.

Simply enter your age and the piece will reveal what you could see come to a city near you from as soon as 2019.

One of the worst parts of winter is walking home in the rain only to realise your house is just as cold because the heating hasn’t been on. Well, in just two years time, it’s expected that almost 43 per cent of people will have a smart thermostat in their office buildings and homes that will be connected to the internet. With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to turn the heating up in time for your arrival—no more layering up with blankets and coats waiting for the house to warm up!

Not long after in 2020, Uber will be trialing flying on demand taxis in Dallas and Dubai and, just three years later in 2023, they hope to be transporting passengers. If you didn’t think that smart cities could get smarter than flying taxis, then you’re sure to be impressed by what we’ll be seeing in 2050. When someone who is currently 25 turns 58, they’ll be living and working in smart buildings that are able to adjust to the needs of the inhabitants, including responding to variations in the weather.

Bored of daily city traffic or the rush at the local shop during lunch? Well, in the same year, you could be getting around in flying taxis and having drones deliver your lunch straight to the office.

This graphic will fast forward you to as far as 2060, where a 25 year old today will be 68 and we’ll be transporting cargo via hyperloop. Cargo will be moved all around the world in smart containers that know their destination and contents so will arrive undamaged to the right location. Plus, in the same year, you can expect to be waited on by robo butlers in your hotels on holidays and business trips—classy!

So, how old will you be when artificial intelligence will be built into your office building or when hotels will feature a television that talks back and there’s touch screen surfaces everywhere? Put your age into the interactive graphic to find out.