Will Leonardo DiCaprio Bring Captain Planet to The Big Screen?

Movie star, documentary maker and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be working on the movie remake of a popular 1990s cartoon show.

Celebrity power matters – as confirmed by scientists who looked into the DiCaprio effect earlier this year – and it looks like the Hollywood star might lend his power to yet another effort to promote climate action.

Originally broadcast from 1990 until 1996, the Captain Planet series was a form of edutainment and promoted environmentalism through an animated story that revolved around five teenagers known as the Planeteers, aided by superhero Captain Planet.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo DiCaprio now has plans to introduce the American show’s cast to a new generation by means of an actual big-budget movie production.

DiCaprio is said to have teamed up with Paramount and is reportedly in talks to obtain the rights from the owners of the series. The Titanic star has just finished the production of his Before the Flood climate change documentary, which has already been hailed as the next An Inconvenient Truth.

Environmental Superheroes

If the new movie sticks to the original plot, it will feature five teenagers tasked with defending planet Earth from environmental disasters while educating the world to keep more disasters from happening. To complete their missions, the heroes obtain special superpowers from Gaia, the spirit of the planet.

According to Wikipedia, Gaia provides the powers in the form of four magical rings with the power to control an element of nature such as Earth and Fire, and one that controls the ‘element of the Heart.’

Whenever the teenagers get stuck, they combine their powers to summon Captain Planet, who in turn combines and amplifies all their powers. A narrative that could resonate well during a time when the planet is actually coming together to fight climate change globally, collaborating on a scale never seen before in the history of the world.

In case you’re keen to star in Leo’s next movie, you may want to know that the original cartoon’s cast included Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from the Soviet Union – which was changed to Eastern Europe in later seasons – Gi from Asia and Ma-Ti from Brazil.

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