Welcome to a New Look-and-Feel Daily Planet


When the Daily Planet launched during COP21 in Paris in 2015, there was apprehension that it was perhaps the last chance for world leaders to reach an agreement to limit global warming.

There was a crucial role for advocacy. Fostering greater engagement with the climate regime would help underline the extent of public support for such an agreement.

As Europe’s largest public-private partnership for climate innovation, Climate-KIC was in a prime position to take up this mantle. Under the banner “Journey to Paris”, The Daily Planet had a unique approach to making global climate policy and the UNFCCC both accessible and engaging.

Fast forward to 2017, and an international binding agreement to limit global warming to under 2˚c is in place. The challenge now is for countries, cities and sectors to put this into action through new strategies, systems, and new ways of working and living.

The Climate-KIC community, our network of more than 200 partners, comprising research, scientific and education institutes, start-ups, corporates, governments and NGOs across 28 countries in Europe, is responding to this. This is the shared journey to a zero-carbon economy.

New Features

The role of the Daily Planet now is to capture this — the rich discussion, lessons learned and breakthroughs achieved. To reflect the changes, we have introduced some new features.

Viewpoint, is a voxpop and regular slot, where we ask you, the reader, what you think about debates across different sectors. Our Inspire feature shows how visualisation, interfaces, infographics, art and culture can make climate innovation tangible.

A re-organised news offering, now aligned to sector developments across manufacturing, finance, cities, forests and farming, aims to provide you with a go-to resource for catching up with the latest developments in your sector.

Over the coming months, you will see further changes as we reflect Europe’s transition to the zero carbon economy across our content. We deeply encourage, you, our reader, to get involved by sharing your stories, your insights and your views.

Gina Lovett, Climate-KIC

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