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This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 3 May


What is the EU doing to circularise resources and redefine the notion of waste? Can the building industry break its concrete addiction? And, could the EU propose a 25% ‘climate quota’ in its new long-term budget.

This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories.

Raise a toast! New beers made from leftover bread help to cut food waste

Rather than discarding unused bread, retailers are sending it off to be turned into beer.

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Denmark Reconsiders Electric Car Subsidies

Denmark may be open to financial incentives to buy electric cars after seeing a dramatic drop in sales of non-polluting vehicles, according to Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

Energy supplier Centrica to trial blockchain technology

Energy company Centrica has launched new trials to examine how blockchain technology can assist with multi-party peer-to-peer energy trading for 200 businesses and residential participants in Cornwall.

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Greece Kicks Off $3.6 Billion Program for Solar, Wind Projects

Greece is preparing to auction 2.6 gigawatts of solar and wind projects to attract investment and beef up the Mediterranean country’s clean-energy credentials. From now on renewable energy production and prices will be determined by competitive tender process, said Energy Minister George Stathakis. The move should encourage investments in renewable energy of 2.5 billion to 3 billion euros, especially in wind.

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Soil-free farming start-up prepares for first harvest

Airponix technology uses a nutrient rich fog instead of soil to grow vegetables, like potatoes, promising yields up to 50 times higher than commercial growers.


Behind Europe’s quest to scale industrial symbiosis

The EU is putting considerable resources behind efforts to circularise resources and redefine the notion of waste.

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UN climate secretariat launches first annual report

The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat released its first ever annual report this week, outlining key achievements made by the Secretariat in 2017 and highlighting the work needed in 2018.


Strong climate action will help combat European urban air crisis

New research published this week in The Lancet Planetary Health reveals a promising path towards clean, healthy air: strong climate change policy, writes Dr. Melissa C. Lott.


9.EU proposes 25% climate quota in new long-term budget

The clean energy transition and other initiatives to decarbonise Europe’s economy will represent 25% of EU spending under a seven-year EU budget plan put forward by the European Commission on Wednesday.


Concrete is a disaster for our planet: can the building industry break its addiction?

Do we need to re-evaluate our concrete habit? Production of cement is disastrous for our biosphere, while the degradation of many concrete buildings has some construction experts predicting a colossal headache in the future.

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