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This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 29 June

Image via Flickr: solarteameindhoven
Image via Flickr: solarteameindhoven

In which direction is the green bond market heading? Could drones soon be fighting deforestation? And which businesses are turning bread into biogas?

This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories.


Dutch companies set up giant bread bins to help tackle rat scourge

Businesses in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are getting involved in efforts to collect waste bread and turn it into biogas and fertiliser.

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EU to invest €2.7 billion in clean transport

The European Commission proposed on June 23 to invest €2.7 billion in 152 key transport projects that support competitive, clean and connected mobility in Europe.

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Drones that can plant 1 bn trees every year

Researchers from U.K.-based company BioCarbon Engineering helped build a drone system that can scan the land, identify ideal places to grow trees, and then fire germinated seeds into the soil. The new drones can plant in areas previously impossible to reach, like steep hills, researchers said.

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Wave power has potential to meet 10 per cent of global electricity demand by 2050

Wave technology provider Marine Power Systems argue the market could deliver rapid growth, reaching 337GW of wave power capacity by 2050, creating a £76bn global market, including a £43bn European market. “With £450m already invested in the sector, the UK is well placed to become a global leader in marine renewables,” the report adds.

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The world’s most efficient five-seater car is powered entirely by the sun

A team of students at Eindhoven University of Technology have unveiled an electric car that seats five and is completely powered by the sun. Called Stella Vie, the car is capable of a range of about 1,000 kilometers on a warm summer day.

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Kite power systems secures £2 million investment from Scottish Investment Bank

Kite Power Systems, the company developing innovative kite-powered energy generation technology in Scotland, has secured its latest round of investment funding, a £2 million equity investment from the Scottish Investment Bank.

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Western Europe smart grid investment to reach €118 billion over next 10 years

Western Europe is looking to invest €118 billion in smart grid infrastructure by 2027, as it seeks to update its grid system.

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Read this if you think you have money-making climate-change solutions

The Solar Impulse Foundation has launched the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, which aims to identify and catalogue 1,000 profitable climate-change solutions and then match them with regions, governments, and – most critically – private-sector investors.

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Green bond investors ask if their cash is being spent as promised

Advisers and rating companies are starting to track the environmental effect of projects funded by green bonds. The services may help investors move away from relying on bond-sale promises — which are hard to check and often legally impossible to enforce – and boost confidence in a market where sales will surge 30 percent this year to a record €109 billion, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast.

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The UK wants to lead world in driverless and electric vehicles

The UK government plans to invest more than £800 million (€882 million) in new driverless and zero-emission vehicle technology as it seeks to boost its economy while leaving the European Union. Investment in research and new recharging infrastructure is intended to make Britain a “leader” in electric and autonomous vehicles, Queen Elizabeth II said.

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