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Webinar: Citizen engagement in Smart Sustainable Districts projects

webinar will be hosted by the Smart Sustainable Districts (SSD) network on 17 October from 14:00-15:30 CEST detailing its successful citizen engagement solutions and strategies.

Cities worldwide are acknowledging the need to transform into sustainable and resilient communities, drawing up policy frameworks, and targets. Such plans are best implemented into tangible infrastructure projects at the scale of districts.

While aiming at sustainable urban systems, district developers are confronted with a variety of expectations from citizens and other stakeholders. These diverse demands need to be balanced and addressed fairly. Active engagement and endorsement from citizens are crucial for successfully realising urban regeneration ambitions, climate action plans, and implementation strategies. Hence planners and municipalities need to find ways to incorporate the knowledge, experiences and ambitions of citizens into the solution finding process.

Based on experiences of transformation projects in various European districts, the Smart Sustainable Districts (SSD) network has successfully applied multiple citizen engagement solutions and strategies. This webinar presents an overview of the tools developed, such as, for example, the Stakeholder and Citizen Engagement Toolkit (SCET), which facilitates engagement with citizens and other diverse stakeholders while building endorsement. Other tools are used in specific city contexts and aim at gathering digital information through crowd-sourced mapping exercises, which can then be used to inform the spatial distribution of services (e.g. shared mobility services).

This approach enables districts to:

– Effectively engage citizens and stakeholders in low-carbon transition programmes
– Adapt levels of engagement to various projects and/or steps in the process
– Acknowledge citizens’ perspectives as expert knowledge to drive user-centred design
– Overcome public apathy and alienation by making decision processes more transparent
– Encourage experimentation and innovation while measuring its effectiveness


Moderator: Tim Taylor, Climate-KIC
Introduction video: Citizen engagement
Presentation: Stakeholder and Citizen Engagement Tool (SCET), Jon Bloomfield, University of Birmingham
Presentation: Experiences with citizen engagement tools applied in Berlin Moabit West, Nadine Kuhla-von Bergmann, SSD District Lead in Berlin-Moabit

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