Watch Super Bowl 2017’s Hilarious Eco-Warrior Ad

This year’s Super Bowl featured a hybrid car commercial with Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy.

Lady Gaga may have performed some daring stunts during yesterday’s (5 February) halftime show in Houston, Texas. But in the third quarter, McCarthy put on a show of her own in an ad for Kia.

A whale, a falling tree and a charging rhinoceros are just some of the extreme challenges comedian McCarthy faces in the ad for a new hybrid car by the South Korean automaker.

With an audience of some 100 million, the inclusion of environmentally themed advertising in the Super Bowl is a big deal in the current political climate – not least for McCarthy herself.

“For years, I’ve been trying to find the perfect project that combined the real threat of me breaking every bone in my body, with my desire to help save the environment,” she said in a statement.

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Hybrid Car

The Super Bowl game itself ended in an overtime thriller, but McCarthy’s ad is a nail-biter in its own right.

In the commercial named “Hero’s Journey” McCarthy – who is only “trying to help” – braves the open ocean, climbs high up into the treetops and travels in the hybrid vehicle.

Against the backdrop of  Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero,” McCarthy is on a mission to “save the ice caps.”

The automaker claims the car “strikes the perfect balance for today’s consumers” and “represents an important next step on the path to nearly tripling [Kia’s] global green car line-up by 2020.”

Kia calls the new car a “no-compromise package combining driving enjoyment with eye-catching design, functional utility and record-setting fuel economy.”

“It’s hard to be an eco-warrior,” a voice over announces near the end of the commercial, “but it’s easy to drive like one.”

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