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Watch Bill Nye The Science Guy Explain Climate Change With… Emoji!

Bill Nye the Science Guy is here to help explain climate change in a language everyone can understand – emoji.

Who knew the fun little smileys and ideograms could make climate science so accessible!

The US scientist, TV host and comedian, who rose to fame in the nineties with his show Bill Nye the Science Guy, has now used his online GE supported series #EmojiScience to cover the hot topic of climate change.

Nye explains that over-population is a big problem. Back in 1750 there were about 1.5 billion people in the world and today there are over 7.3 billion people.

Image: Mashable.com

So that means billions more people all breathing and burning in the same, thin atmosphere. That’s a lot.

Image: Mashable.com

The result of this is a huge spike in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nye shows that since the first steam engine was invented in 1750, the CO2 concentration has skyrocketed at an alarming speed. This is making the Earth’s climate warmer.

Image: Mashable.com

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. With energy innovation and the right technologies Bill Nye is optimistic that we can turn things around and save the world!

Image: Mashable.com

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