Watch 6 Climate Scientists Explain Why They’re Not %&$#?@! With You

With the US presidential election in full swing, the rest of the world is once more confronted with the bizarre science denying positions of some American politicians.

Although Hillary Clinton says she wants to beat climate change by turning the United States into the world’s clean energy superpower, her opponent Donald Trump and many of his Republican colleagues claim climate change is… a hoax.

Earlier this year, six American scientists recorded a video clip for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! late-night talk show to explain why they’re actually not messing with the American public.

To get their point across, the scientists use some strong language.

Think About it

“Think about it, if I wanted to screw with people, do you think I would have gotten into climate science?” asks climate scientist Alex Hall.

“If we were %&$#?@! with you, I’m sure we could do a lot better than anthropogenic climate change,” says John Dorsey, a marine environmental scientist.

Aradhna Tripati, a paleoclimatologist and isotope geochemist, says that if she were to mess with you, she would tell you a meteor would be coming and then would “try to sell you a helmet.”

This is Not a Prank

“We know about this stuff,” and “we have PhDs” the scientists stress in exasperation, adding “this is not a prank.”

“Once when I was younger I locked one of my buddies in a porta-potty, and then I pushed it over – that’s a prank,” said Dorsey.

Other scientists to feature in the expletive-laden statement are hydro-climatologist Jeremy Pall, polar ecologist Nina Karnovsky and environmental chemical analyst Chuck Taylor.

This video ends with a child on Tripati’s lap telling the audience “You #&$%&$#?@! better not %&$#! this up!”

Want to learn more about climate change and what you can do about it? Find out about Climate-KIC’s education programmes.

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