Twelve climate projects nominated for EU Green Week awards

Green Awards 2017 
Image via Flickr: Life Programme
Green Awards 2017 Image via Flickr: Life Programme

Climate action projects, including a zero-electricity heating and cooling system, a climate-smart farm and a resilient forest, are among twelve nominated for awards at EU Green week.

Being held across Europe from 21 to 25 May, the week will explore ways to help cities become better places to live and work. As part of this, the LIFE Awards ceremony will celebrate the most successful climate action projects.

One of the twelve nominees is the LIFE+AGRICARBON project, a set of demonstration sustainable agriculture farms in Spain reduced emissions by 19 per cent, and sequestered on average 30 per cent more CO2, as well as providing substantial savings for farmers.

A second, Swedish project SUNCOOL, have demonstrated how solar thermal could work with heat pumps and energy storage without electricity to heat and cool a building.
Another, AdaptFor, worked to understand how the management of four Greek forests should change to cope better with climate impacts, recommending the immediate removal of trees with pests or disease, removal of dead wood and re-planting with a mixture of species.
Next Wednesday, Brussels will host a celebration of these and other projects completed in 2016 and 2017 that have demonstrated the greatest benefits in the European Union’s objectives to tackling climate change in line with the Paris Agreement.
EU green week will open on Monday in Utrecht and close on Friday in Madrid. You can find out what’s happening near you, watch the livestreaming and join social media conversations with #EUGreenWeek
Other climate action project nominees include –

INDUFOOD – Reducing GHG Emissions in the food industry through alternative thermal system based on induction technology

The Green Deserts – The Green Deserts: new planting techniques for tree cultivation in desertified environments to face Climate Change

EKO-LIFE – Experimenting and communicating sustainable lifestyles to promote Energy Autonomy

DOKLIP – A Good Climate For Counties

Crops for better soil – Profitable organic farming techniques based on traditional crops: contrasting soil degradation in the Mediterranean

LIFE Housing Landscapes – Climate-proofing Social Housing Landscapes

LIFE VINEYARDS4HEAT (V4H) – Vineyards for carbon footprint reduction: a sustainable strategy to use biomass for heat & cold in wineries.

EcoLife – Ecological Lifestyles for CO2 Reduction

LIFE HelpSoil – Helping enhanced soil functions and adaptation to climate change by sustainable conservation agriculture techniques

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