This Woman Can Actually Fit Three Years of Rubbish Into One Small Jar


The zero waste movement is taking the world by storm, and this entrepreneur is on a mission to help you join.

Known as the zero waste girl, Lauren Singer is an environmental entrepreneur from New York. Her blog Trash is For Tossers is full of tips on how to cut out waste and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Complicated? Not necessarily. Singer told CNN she is actually “incredibly lazy” and would never live a zero waste lifestyle “if it meant spending extra time doing things to live this lifestyle. Contrary to what people think or might assume it’s actually very easy.”

A Single Glass Jar

Singer is now able to fit every bit of rubbish she has made in the last three years into a single glass jar. The jar contains all the things she was unable to recycle, plastic things like old credit cards, clothes tags and fruit stickers.

The zero waste movement has gone mainstream with appearances on networks like CNN, and is spreading like wildfire via social media. If you want advice on how to jump on board, tips and tricks are just a click away.

Steps to Zero Waste

It’s all about strategy, and Singer believes there are just two simple steps you need to take in order to work towards a zero waste life.

1. Evaluate

Firstly, take a look at your daily life and ask yourself some questions.

  • How much waste am I currently producing and what types?
  • What do I actually use on a daily basis? What do I actually need and what’s redundant?
  • What products do I use that I can get more sustainable alternatives of?

2. Transition

Next, you simply start to downsize and properly dispose of the unnecessary things. Singer lists a bunch of useful tips on how to do this on her blog.

Want somewhere easy to start? Check out these 5 top tips on how to cut out plastic.

Got better tips? Find out if you could turn them into a business.

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