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This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 5 April


What innovation is being used to locate raw materials for wind turbines and solar panels? What ‘smart’ technology could save Europe €2.1 billion a year? And, which city is looking to plant nine million wildflowers?

This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories.


France to push for EU carbon price floor and border tariff

Paris will push for a carbon price floor at EU level, complete with a carbon tariff at Europe’s external border for countries that don’t sign up to the Paris Agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron said in Brussels on Thursday (22 March).

Read more on Euractiv.


This prefab cabin is designed to take you off grid in the Scottish Highlands

Artist Bobby Niven and architect Iain MacLeod designed the Artist Bothy, a multipurpose cabin prefabricated in Scotland from sustainable materials. Conceived as an artist residency space, the gabled hut promises a low-impact and off-grid immersion in nature.

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Eco-farming can solve hunger and climate crises, experts say

Eco-farming techniques could deliver nutritious, environmentally friendly food for a growing world, increase farmers’ earnings and make farms more resilient to climate change, according to campaigners.

Read more on Reuters.


Commission study shows path to end agricultural deforestation—now it must act

A new feasibility study on options to fight deforestation will be a litmus test for the European Union’s commitment to halt deforestation by 2020.

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Terrawatch: Scientists turn to drones to find raw materials

In Germany, scientists are using drones equipped with sensors to locate metals needed for wind turbines and solar panels.

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Smart lamppost ‘revolution’ could save Europe €2.1bn a year

Switching Europe’s ageing streetlight network with smart lampposts could slash electricity bills by up to €2.1 billion a year and deliver energy savings of between 50-70 per cent.

Read more on Euractiv.


London is looking to plant nine million wildflowers

As things stands now, London plays home to more than 8.3 million trees and 14,000 species of wildlife. But if a new campaign by the non-profit National Park City is successful, the city will have 9 million new wildflowers to add to the mix.

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‘Yes, we can’: Franco-Irish research aims to boost green electricity intake

Power grid interconnections and system flexibility are key to integrate bigger shares of renewables. A Franco-Irish research project aims to produce a roadmap to deploy EU power grids that can handle more than 50 per cent of electricity from intermittent renewable sources.

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This tiny timber cabin was built from construction waste for under €25K

UK architecture firm Invisible Studio designed and built this mobile prototype using a combination of construction waste and locally grown unseasoned timber.

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New climate strategy will set out a pathway to meet higher targets

Last week, EU leaders sent a clear message to the European Commission to ramp up its work to implement the Paris Agreement and accelerate the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels.

Read more on Euractiv.

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