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This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 29 March


What innovation could help protect coral reefs from bleaching? How might we get our produce to last up to four times longer? And, can a wearable enable us to better track and conserve marine life?

This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories.


World’s largest single-domed tropical greenhouse unveiled for France

A lush paradise of waterfalls and tropical plants has been unveiled in Coldefy & Associates’ designs for Tropicalia, the world’s largest tropical greenhouse under one roof. Proposed for Pas-de-Calais, France, the 215,000-square-foot greenhouse is designed for energy efficiency and heat recycling, and it will be sheathed beneath a double-insulated dome.

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Norway’s Avinor intends to embrace electric aircraft as quickly as they are commercialised

The state-run Norwegian aviation firm Avinor—which runs 45 airports in Norway—is planning to embrace electric aircraft as soon as they hit the market, an exec has been quoted as saying.

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AeroMobil reveals flying taxi that transforms from car to electric airplane

Designed for both the skies and the streets, AeroMobil 5.0 is the latest futuristic creation from the Slovakia-based flying car company. Billed as the “first and only electric VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicle) to also drive on the road,” the AeroMobil 5.0 could be your taxi someday, offering convenient flights right from your doorstep.

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Scientists made a liquid ‘umbrella’ to protect coral reefs from sun damage

Researchers have crafted a new liquid substance that can be sprayed onto the surface of the water above vulnerable coral reefs, shielding them from intense UV and visible light beaming down from the Sun. In doing so, the spray may help to defend reefs from extreme bleaching events.

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Oslo’s new airport city could power the entire surrounding community

Norwegian architectural practices Haptic Architects and Nordic–Office of Architecture have announced plans for a sustainable smart city, powered entirely by renewable energy, near Oslo Airport. The complex will be the world’s first energy-positive airport city and it will have the capacity to sell surplus energy to surrounding buildings and communities.

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Seven ways to effectively work with your investor relations team on sustainability

Compelling investor engagement on responsible investment starts with a good relationship between investor relations (IR) and sustainability teams, based on a common understanding of shared goals. Some simple actions can help sustainability teams effectively work with IR teams on their sustainability agenda.

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This plant-based coating makes fruits and veggies last up to four times longer

How do you preserve fruits and vegetables after harvest? Generally, you need cold temperatures. But what if there were an alternative to refrigeration? That question inspired Apeel Sciences to create Edipeel, a post-harvest protection product made with edible extracts from plants, which forms a micro-climate around each piece of food so it lasts around double the amount of time it would untreated—at least.

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‘Marine Skin’ wearable tracks animals under the sea

The “Marine Skin” tag can be glued to the outer shell or skin of an animal and weighs barely as much as a paper clip in water. All of that means the lightweight skin could theoretically be worn by a wide variety of both large and small marine animals without much disruption to their bodies or underwater behavior. A research team aims to help tag as many as 200 marine species with the device by the summer of 2019.

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This hexagonal indoor farm grows more food in less space with 90 per cent less water

Hexagro’s Living Farming Tree is a groundbreaking indoor garden that uses technology to grow food faster using less space. The innovative design combines aeroponics with efficient grow lights, full automation, and a modular tiered structure to optimize space, crop yield, and water use–allowing anyone to grow crops in practically any room.

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Charity calls for €17 million fund to tackle UK hunger by preventing food waste

The UK government is being urged to introduce a €75 million fund to tackle hunger by preventing food which could be eaten from going straight into landfill, animal feed, or anaerobic digestion.

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