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This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 1 February

How can businesses get their suppliers to act on climate? Which country’s power grid could absorb 40 per cent of the EV market share? And, can money really ‘grow on trees’?

This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories.


On finance, ‘Think Sustainability First’

‘Think Sustainability First’ must be a principle that guides financial policymaking through this decade and the next if Europe is to have the means to match its global ambitions, writes member of the European Commission High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance Arlene McCarthy.

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Simple, energy-efficient recycling process for lithium-ion batteries

A new recycling process requires half the energy of conventional techniques and produces ready-to-use cathode materials.

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An eco-friendly cuppa? Now teabags are set to go plastic-free

The war on plastic waste is extending to the UK’s favourite beverage, with a major retailer in the final stages of developing a fully biodegradable paper teabag that does not contain plastic.

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Y-shaped German hostel looks at sustainability from all angles

A newly opened youth hostel in Bayreuth, Germany offers much more than just a clean bed and shower—the 180-bed Y-shaped building embraces community, holistic sustainability, and a passion for sports.

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The “Extra Aircraft 330LE” two-seat electric airplane—another electric airplane moving the clean air race forward

Walter Extra, founder of the Extra Aircraft company, converted this two-seat electric aircraft to fly quieter, cleaner, and more enjoyably.

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How to get suppliers to act on climate

More than 1,000 of the world’s largest companies report their greenhouse gas emissions and have emissions-reduction targets for their own operations. Now, they want the thousands of companies that supply them with goods and services to reduce their own emissions.

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These bold ideas aim to make plastic waste a thing of the past

The winners of a recent contest hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation all start with one fundamental concept: We can—and must—replace non-recyclable materials on the market with biodegradable alternatives.

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Study: Germany’s power grid could absorb 40 per cent EV market share (by 2035)

The electric grid and utility systems in Germany could absorb a market shift to approximately 40 per cent plug-in electric vehicles by the year 2035—without problems and while also generating extra income for power companies—according to a recent independent study released by Aurora Energy Research.

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These 14 businesses are growing money on trees

Companies around the world are branching out into forest conservation, finding that restoring deforested and degraded land yields high returns for investors, entrepreneurs, and the environment.

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Why it’s time to align retirement funds with sustainability goals

A new wave of environmentally focused retirement funds aims to advance corporate sustainability goals while enabling employees to save for their own financial future.

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