This Web App Helps Reduce Your Old Car’s Carbon Emissions

Photo: Marc Venema /
Photo: Marc Venema /

Want to go electric, but still saving for that new ride? There’s an app for that!

The web-based ‘Green Driving Tool’ estimates the fuel-costs and CO2 emissions of your current petrol or diesel car, based on information such as your car brand and model, engine power and your driving style.

The EU commission, which hosts the tool on its website, hopes the tool will give you a better idea of the environmental and financial impact of your car journeys, which in turn should help you make more informed decisions about your trips.

You might decide to take public transport more often, for example, after finding out how expensive your car trips are for certain journeys. But the tool also shows what type of car would me most efficient for the journey of your choice, so you might just decide to exchange your car for a different model.

Practical Tool

The tool is very simple to use. First you select your route – whether it be a regular or one-off journey – and then you answer a few questions about your car.

“It is an excellent example of how science can support policy objectives and provide practical tools to tackle societal challenges and empower citizens,” said EU education commissioner Tibor Navracsics, whose department is responsible for the tool.

After you’ve entered all the information, the green driving app displays your energy consumption, carbon emissions and fuel costs.


The tool also comes with a link to tips on what you can do to reduce your vehicle emissions, including:

  • Use a car that has low emissions and low energy consumption. This may not only reduce the emissions of your trips but could also save you money.
  • Next time you need new tyres, buy tyres with a good energy label!
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage with you as it increases the energy consumption and carbon emissions of your car.
  • Did you know there are organisations that offer eco-driving courses? Why not participate in one and try to improve your driving style!
  • Why not use public transport or carpooling, if convenient?
  • You may even want to consider walking or cycling (!) where possible.

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