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This Epic Game of Thrones Parody Takes on Plastic Bottle Pollution

A new sustainability-themed advertisement parodies one of the most iconic scenes from the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

Did you know the production of one kilo of polyethene – the most common plastic – requires the equivalent of two kilos of oil for energy and raw material? Yet more than one billion beverage bottles are used every single day around the world.

A new viral video aims to change consumer behaviour by following a Game of Thrones production assistant who can be seen buying plastic bottles of sparkling water from a supermarket.

While on his way to pay for the water, the unsuspecting shopper is then followed by a woman who keeps shouting ‘shame’ at him while ringing a bell.

Avid GOT watchers will recognise it as the gruesome scene where Queen Cersei Lannister was marched through Kings Landing to the shouts of ‘shame’ by a character named Septa Unella, played by actor Hannah Waddingham.

Angry People

The commercial – recorded on the original set – features Waddingham, who can be seen following the confused shopper whilst he is being hounded by more angry people.

There’s even a cameo from Thor Björnsson, the Icelandic actor who plays a character called The Mountain on the show.

After the plastic bottle buyer finds his way through a crowd of Game of Throne peasants who hurl fruit, vegetables and insults at him he finally finds himself backstage and hands the bottles to Björnsson who had apparently sent him for water.

But Björnsson can be seen asking him “why are you stupid,” and inquires why he is “carrying shameless polluting plastic bottles?” before revealing the brand that commissioned the clever advertisement: SodaStream, the Israel-based home carbonation drinks company.

The Mountain goes on to show how you can make your own sparkling water at home before sharing the NSFW tagline “F*** plastic bottles.”

Plastic Epidemic

“Our new video ‘Shame or Glory’ uses humour and surprise to challenge the epidemic use of plastic, single-serve bottles that are polluting our Earth,” is how SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum put it.

In a statement about the ad, Birnbaum also explained that the overwhelming majority of plastic bottles end up in landfills, parks and oceans. It is a “crime and it’s largely going unchallenged,” Birnbaum said, “Disposable plastic bottles are a shameful habit that belongs in the past.”

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