The Cabin of Curiosities boasts a façade of succulents nested in 3D-printed planter tiles


The Cabin of Curiosities is a tiny house created by ‘make-tank’ Emerging Objects that features a living wall supported by hundreds of 3D-printed planter tiles.

According to Emerging Objects’ website: “The 3D Printed Cabin brings many of Emerging Objects’ material, software, and hardware experiments together to demonstrate the architectural potential of additive manufacturing on a weather tight, structurally sound building.”

The cabin also addresses housing issues related to overcrowded polluted cities by offering an alternative that’s both space-saving and eco-friendly.

The front façade’s ceramic planters are meant to house a variety of succulents. Several different materials are used, including shades of portland cement, sawdust, chardonnay pomace, and combinations thereof. The tiles are hung on the frame of the building with galvanised metal J mouldings.


The roof and contiguous façades to the gable incorporate “Seed Stitch” walls, which also serve as a rain screen. Named by Emerging Objects after a knitting technique, the tiles are printed at extremely high speeds, resulting in deliberate anomalies and a handmade aesthetic.

The cabin’s interior walls are covered with translucent “Chroma Curl Wall,” a material made of a bio-based plastic derived from corn. The translucent PLA panels are backlit by LED lights, which illuminate both the interior and exterior of the cabin.

Emerging Objects was co-founded by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello. They also make 3D-printed furniture, kitchenware, jewellery, and more.

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