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Some Innovators Dressed up Their Pets For The Global Climathon

"Climate Charlie" attended the Climathon in Sydney, Australia. Photo: @EnergyLabAU / Twitter
"Climate Charlie" attended the Climathon in Sydney, Australia. Photo: @EnergyLabAU / Twitter

The global Climathon took place this weekend, and – possibly inspired by Halloween – some people decided this was an excellent opportunity to dress up their pets.

Some 60 cities across almost 40 countries on 6 continents set local climate change challenge for teams to respond to as part of Climate-KIC’s global Climathon. Most cities started the challenge on Friday 28 October and finished on Saturday.

To come up with solutions, students, entrepreneurs, big thinkers, technical experts and app developers around the world are stayed up for 24-hours to work on innovative solutions during the global marathon session. Some cities, like The Hague, the Netherlands, Toronto, Canada, and Venice, Italy, have already published an overview of the winning ideas.

But while you eagerly await the outcome of other Climathons around the world, you can check out some of the Climathon Pets!

“Climathon Charlie is excited for Climathon Sydney this weekend, jump on board everyone to bring climate solutions to life!” tweeted Melbourne based Syed Saif Mansoor.

Climate-KIC tweeted it was “looking forward to seeing how Climate Charlie” would get on.

Australia’s Energy Lab tweeted photographic evidence of Climate Charlie, a small dog dressed in a slightly oversized orange Climathon shirt.

This left Climate-KIC wondering if there would be more climatehon pets. “What a great Climathon mascot!” they tweeted.

London-based Sarah Copleston replied with a photo of “Sid,” dressed in an official Climathon t-shirt.

Australia’s Energy Lab was well impressed with Sid and tweeted “Sid is so cute. Climathon pets is an awesome thing.”

Meanwhile in Indianapolis in the United States, it turned out that Australia’s Climate Charlie had an American cousin.

SustainIndy, an account run by the City of Indianapolis, tweeted this photo of their mascot dressed in a local Climathon outfit sporting the Indianapolis Climathon slogan “INvision Resiliency.”

Want to find out more? Check out Climate-KIC’s Climathon Media Centre for the latest updates or check out the Climathon website.

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