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Schwarzenegger: Low-Carbon Technology Grows The Economy And Saves Lives

Guess who’s back? California’s favourite European has recorded a passionate message about protecting lives, the environment and the economy – all at the same time.

As the world is getting ready for the COP22 climate summit in Marrakesh, Arnold Schwarzenegger uses some NSFW language to make clear that inaction on climate change kills seven million people annually worldwide because of pollution-related illnesses.

In the video, already viewed more than 10 million times on Facebook, the former governor tells US media network ATTN how pollution causes more deaths than car accidents, suicides and homicides and wars – combined.

After last year’s historic climate summit in Paris, Schwarzenegger tweeted “Now it’s time to get to work.” And one year later, that’s still his core message.

Clean Economy

In the video message, Schwarzenegger goes on to criticise the misconception – in parts of the US – that cleaning up pollution with new technologies will “cripple businesses” and are “too costly to fix.”

But the Austrian-American Terminator actor points out that California, a state he led as governor from 2003 until 2001, is demonstrating that it is possible to protect the environment and grow the economy at the same time. After the golden state passed “strict climate change laws,” the state’s economy grew by 12.4 per cent, ATTN explains.

So if California, the biggest economy in America, can thrive under strict environmental laws – why can’t the US fight for clean energy and move away from fossil fuels, Schwarzenegger wonders. US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton certainly seems to be on the same page, and has made no secret of her plans for America to become the world’s clean energy superpower.

Years of Living Dangerously

Schwarzenegger is no stranger to climate activism. He’s been involved with many climate action campaigns and teamed up with Canadian movie director James Cameron to try and convince people in China to eat less meat.

More recently he was involved with the second season of  the Emmy-winning climate change docu-series Years of Living Dangerously as an executive producer. The new season focuses on solutions and uses a team of Hollywood A-listers, investigative reporters and leading news journalists and scientists to tell stories about climate action around the world.

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