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Revealed: What Happened on Snapchat During The Paris Agreement Signing

Snapchat screenshots taken during the signing of the Paris Agreement on 22 April 2016. Image: Snapchat / Daily Planet
Snapchat screenshots taken during the signing of the Paris Agreement on 22 April 2016. Image: Snapchat / Daily Planet

Chances are that many non-millennials may have missed out on some of the action on Snapchat during last week’s signing of the Paris Agreement.

Yesterday, we brought you some behind the scenes photos found on Twitter, but the United Nations also gave Snapchat users a very personal view of what was happening at the Paris Agreement signing in New York.

Snapchat is a messaging app that allows users to send photos and videos that can be seen for up to ten seconds, after which the message will “self-destruct” and disappear.

The Daily Planet has saved a few snaps for posterity, and can now bring you some exclusive photos and video stills!

Happy Earth Day

Snapchat also allows users to add so-called Geofilters to their photos, special overlays that communicate the ‘where and when’ of a snap in a fun way. The company released a set of special Earth Day filters, including the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle doodle as seen below.


Meet And Greets With Ban Ki-moon

Before the ceremony started, the UN secretary general got the chance to meet with a group of children including youth representative Getrude Clement. He also met with UN Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio.



Leonardo DiCaprio was overheard telling Ban Ki-moon that he takes being UN Messenger of Peace “very seriously” while the UN secretary general thanked him for his strong commitment.

The Ceremony Kicked Off With a Brass Band


The Signing Chair

Another of the special Earth Day filters was the “My Favourite Place on Earth,” applied below by the UN’s Snapchat operator to show off the now historic Paris Agreement signing chair.


Investing Into Clean-Tech

Before the signing began, there were speeches from a selection of representatives including Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, US secretary of state John Kerry and  Hindu Oumarou Ibrahim of the Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad.




And The Signing Begins!


Meanwhile… Tree Planting

To commemorate the signing, the UN asked people to plant trees and while the the Paris Agreement was being signed a ne,w tree was planted in New York’s UN Food Garden.

A special plaque states that the tree stands as a symbol of the United Nations’ commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.



The United Nations wasn’t the only one using Snapchat during the ceremony: the UN Foundation, Unicef and Canadian climate change minister Catherine McKenna were also documenting some behind the scenes footage.


parisagreement-snapchat-13The day before the signing Catherine McKenna attended a meeting of the EU-led High Ambition Coalition where a representative of the Marshall Islands gave her a flower to “remind us that we need to act [on climate change] now.”


She later tweeted a Snapchat recording with the Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who said the reason it was important for Canada to be there signing the Paris Agreement was: “Because this is an issue that will touch everyone on the planet and Canada needs to do its part.”

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