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Relive the Making of the Historic Paris Climate Deal in 10 Steps


You can relive the excitement of the build up towards the historic Paris agreement on climate change by checking out the archive of our coverage during the summit.

The Paris Agreement in 10 Newsletters:

Monday 30 November – Daily Planet: Historic Multi-Billion Clean Energy Fund — COP21 by the Numbers — Figueres ‘Capitulates’ — Europe United

Heading to #COP21 in Paris with part of the @UNFCCC dream team!

A photo posted by Christiana Figueres (@cfigueres) on

Tuesday, 1 December – Daily Planet: 29 Billionaires To The Rescue — India Pavilion — Message from Space — Europe’s Next Atlantis

Wednesday, 2 December – Daily Planet: David Attenborough’s $150 Billion — Mission: Innovation — Sustaina Claus — Green Transport

Thursday, 3 December – Daily Planet: Cleantech Stocks Soar — COP21 Women — Climate Angels

Friday, 4 December – Daily Planet: COP21 Needs to Speed Up — Business Leaders — Weekend Tips — Photobomb

Monday, 7 December – Daily Planet: ‘Blueprint Accord’ — Mary Robinson — Leonardo DiCaprio — SolutionsCOP21 — ArnoldSchnitzel

Tuesday, 8 December – Daily Planet: Extreme Weather Near Summit — Historic Announcement — Bingo! — Alec Baldwin — The COP21 Crashers

Wednesday, 9 December – Daily Planet: Breakthrough — Aviation Strategy — WWF Interview — Drones for Justice — Sleep Deprivation

Thursday, 10 December – Daily Planet: Final Push — All Nighter —  Climate Chancellor — Print I Must — Yoda

Friday, 11 December – Daily Planet: Deal Or No Deal? — EU Coup —  COP21 Quiz — The Mediterranean — Midnight Tweets

Monday, 14 December – Daily Planet: It’s a Deal — Trillions Unlocked — Let’s Get to Work — 谢谢 — Terminator

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