Meet the Climate-KIC startups attending Oslo Innovation Week

Bjørvika Barcode in Oslo Norway
Bjørvika Barcode in Oslo Norway

In preparation for the upcoming Venture Competition, which will be held at Slush, we’re bringing the most promising startups from our Accelerator programme to Oslo Innovation Week (26 and 27 September).

In Oslo, they will participate in a boot camp on how to secure investment in their green and cleantech businesses. Running the cleantech track of the 100 Pitches competition, Climate-KIC will also provide a stage for like minded startups to connect with potential clients and investors. Moreover, Susanne Pedersen, Managing Director of Climate-KIC Nordic, will give a talk about Open Innovation in the City of Oslo’s tent on 26 September. Finally, three Climate-KIC supported startups will be invited to showcase their innovations at the Cutting Edge Festival.

The startups with the ten best proposals will be selected to pitch during the Venture Competition at Slush.

Want to learn more about the participating startups? Here’s what they do, their thoughts on innovation and the green sector, their goals, their experience with Climate-KIC, and why their company is worth investing in—all at a glance.

“We build and sell floating power generators for owners and operators of pontoons on large volume and slow moving rivers. Our customers can generate electricity in 24/7 to use or to sell.” – Gabor Toro, Fair Hydro

“We apply machine learning and big data to the chemical and pharma industries, who have a need for accurate reaction metrics to design, predict, and understand chemical processes. We achieve this with distributed cloud computing of quantum mechanical models of organic compounds.” – Peter Jarowski, ChemAlive SA


“Today, solar-based high-temperature heating is produced with the use of large mirrors that are so expensive that this solution only is applicable in the sunniest places in this world. Heliac has developed a lens that is just as effective, but at a fraction of the cost of mirrors. Furthermore, the production of the lens can be easily scaled to very large amounts, and it is also simpler, faster, and cheaper to install and maintain.” – Jakob Jensen, Heliac

“The green sector is a field where opportunity and purpose meet. Even more so in the construction industry—we believe that in the fight against climate change, the largest industry in the world holds the key to success. Buildings planed today will be used over the next 40 years and hence have a significant impact on the environment.” – Sebastian Dominguez, CAALA

“We hope to use our expertise and pioneering spirit to solve many critical problems our society is facing in the light of global warming, pollution, and scarceness of resources. Our first product is a process to make use of unwanted waste wood and produce bioderived products for cheaper, but we hope this will only be the beginning and many more disruptive technologies will come out of our laboratories.” – Florence Gschwend, Chrysalix Technologies

“Climate KIC has inspired us to think out of the box. The dreams you have and the solutions you build have to match customer needs to make it work. We had great coaches and they really helped us to accelerate our learning process.” – Jan Wijn, Trunkrs

Kosynier deLux

“Kosynier is a handmade electric vehicle maker. We started by producing electric bicycles made by local craftsmen, shaped after early XX century motorcycles. In the future, we plan to expand our range by building mopeds and motorcycles, still made by hand, utilizing the spectacular talents of our town’s traditional craftsmen. Our vehicles will always use vintage aesthetics and clean, electric propulsion as their design starting points. Bicycles are just the beginning.” – Marcin Bielawski, Kosynier

“Our startup has developed a production and installation process that at the same time reduces costs along all the supply chain, improves thermal insulation features and increases “green” content utilizing 100% recycled material. Compared to incumbent competitors, the new process also allows much higher outputs with lower investment, leveraging on scale dimension of paper mills. Overall, Enerpaper’s proposition allows a lean approach in a full circular economy environment.” – Marina Pelissero, Enerpaper

“My hope is to substitute 20 per cent of the gas production of all companies located in regions with a good solar resource. There are many massive projects around the world that look forward to making the biggest renewable energy plant worldwide. Those projects will certainly have a very big impact. But, if we convince all small players that each of them can contribute to reducing climate change while reducing their own energy bill, our impact will be much bigger than any of those projects, because the sum of thousands of small contributions is bigger than the sum of a few big ones.” – Miguel Frasquet, Solatom

“SustAnalyze simulation platform empowers materials/chemical manufacturers and brand owners to accelerate innovation and supply chain transformation for chemicals/materials that will be profitable, safer and sustainable.” – Dr. Akshay Patel, SustAnalyze

Mayor of London Low Carbon Entrepreneur Ben Broomfield Photography An experienced photographer, specialising in event, reportage and environmental portraiture.

“The Mayor of London’s Entrepreneurs of the Year and the 2017 UK’s Women’s Start-up Competition winners, Twipes are the world’s first truly flushable wet wipes!” -Alborz Bozorg, Twipes

“Our patented technology makes a NÜWIEL trailer intelligent. It knows exactly when to accelerate, decelerate, and brake. A cyclist doesn’t notice the load and makes no additional effort to riding a bike. The trailer can be used with any bicycle or electric bike and carry 150kg.” – Natalia Tomiyama, NÜWIEL

“Climate-KIC helps us in many ways: helping us to better understand our market and the possibilities of our tech, mentoring with experts that give us their vision and expertise about the sector, teaching us finances, marketing strategies, how to pitch… And of course, giving us opportunities of attend to events like Oslo Innovation Week and SLUSH!” – Olga Rodríguez Largo, TRC


“We like to think that we contribute to solving the world’s biggest problems in the years to come, which will be providing food, housing, and non-polluting energy to nine billion people. Also, this is a very dynamic market, with a strong pull for innovation, even though the construction market is not easiest one to deploy new technologies…” – Pierre-Yves Thoulon, Crosslux

“We, the founders, are energy engineers. As engineers, our main goals are to improve the old solutions, invent new solutions, and make every system more efficient. Nowadays, energy efficiency is getting more and more important. We created a storage tank which makes our system more efficient and allows to use the waste heat in a smaller size, so we can help in a lot of fields where there isn’t enough space for other storages. After a hard day, it is great to think about how we are not just a startup company, we created something useful, which helps the environment.” – Zoltán Andrássy, HeatVentors

“Our technology allows users to transform their unused, dusty hard drives into shiny new cloud storage, by connecting them to a small IoT device: the Cubbit. Our software then virtualises a distributed data center over the network of p2p-connected devices, creating the first Edge Cloud service. Redundancy, download speed, and security are guaranteed by a set of proprietary as well as standard protocols. Thanks to our IoT-powered technology, the user joins the swarm and the swarm becomes the cloud.” – Lorenzo Posani, Cubbit

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