Could Delicious Ice-Cream Flavoured Beer Help Beat Climate Change?

Photo: New Belgium Brewing
Photo: New Belgium Brewing

You could be warming up with an ice-cream flavoured beer this winter while taking climate action at the same time.

Colorado-based craft brewer New Belgium and the famed (now European-owned) ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry’s from Vermont have worked together to create a chocolate chip cookie dough flavoured ale.

Photo: Ben & Jerry's
Photo: Ben & Jerry’s

About $50.000 of the beer’s proceeds will be used to support a climate change awareness campaign focused on… snowsports.

So you could be enjoying a cookie dough ale this winter during après ski!

Awareness Campaign

The campaign is run by Protect Our Winters (POW), a non-profit that works to raise awareness about climate change.

POW works with the snowsports community on education initiatives and community-based activism that helps tackle climate change.

The organisation was founded in 2007 by Jeremy Jones, a pro snowboarder. Jones found more and more resorts were closing due to a lack of snow.

He couldn’t find any organisations that focused on using the snowsports community to act on climate change – so he felt the need to act and founded POW.

This isn’t the first time the three organisations have teamed up, they also released a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale back in 2015.

Details of where the new beer will be available are yet to be announced, but it looks like a release time of Autumn 2016 has been set.

Keep an eye on the New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s Twitter accounts for more details.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s – part of Unilever – is famous for its unique and creative flavours. But the company is also known to use its delicious ice creams to raise awareness and support initiatives.

Previously, it celebrated marriage equality in the US with a limited edition I Dough, I Dough ice-cream. The company also supported last year’s UN climate change conference in Paris with a special Save Our Swirled flavour and campaign.

Earlier this year, the ice cream maker also revealed a much anticipated dairy-free range of ice-creams, great news for vegans with a sweet tooth!

Inspired to create your own campaign? Or climate friendly beer perhaps? Find out how Climate-KIC could help you turn your idea into a business.

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