How to Win a Pair of Adidas’ Exclusive Recycled Kicks

Adidas has teamed up with environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans to bring you a running shoe that is made from ocean plastic collected in coastal areas in the Maldives.

To celebrate World Oceans day, Adidas finally announced the release of this hotly anticipated running shoe. The German shoemaker announced the partnership back in April 2015 so fans have been waiting a while to get their hands on a pair.

But there’s a catch – you’ve got to pledge to give up single-use plastic in order to win a pair of the exclusive shoes.

Zinedine Zidane, a famous footballer who is supporting the movement, said “What Adidas and Parley is doing, by turning waste into a running shoe, shows that even waste that is harming the planet can be used to create something special.”

Studies indicate that at least 40 million pounds of plastic has accumulated and is floating in the North Pacific Ocean alone. A 2012 report from WSPA indicates that between 57,000 and 135,000 whales are entangled by plastic marine debris every year in addition to the likely millions of birds, turtles, fish and other species affected by plastic marine debris.

The Parley’s Ocean Plastic initiative is run by German-born New Yorker Cyrill Gutsch, Dezeen reports. “We created something that we call Parley Ocean Plastic, and a range of materials that is based on all that trash that we find in the sea and mixed with other recycled material, which makes it very very attractive for brands to use,” he told Dezeen.

How to Win

Photo: Adidas

All you have to do is make a video explaining how you plan to give up single-use plastic and support Parley’s Ocean Plastic and upload it to Instagram tagging Adidas and Parley in the caption with #ParleyAir.

The contest runs until 31 July and then the best 50 videos will be chosen.

Only 50 pairs of the Adidas x Parley shoe has been created for this limited addition release using 3D printing technology and Parley Ocean Plastic, as well as  illegal deep-sea gillnets retrieved by Parley for the Oceans’ partner organisation Sea Shepherd.

The Adidas and Parley partnership aims to develop and support new technologies that can up-cycle ocean plastic waste.

Adidas has said they will be incorporating Parley Ocean Plastic into one of their popular footwear lines later this year. They also announced that this running shoe is the first in a series of products that Adidas is now able to produce using Parley Ocean Plastic – so if you don’t manage to win a pair there’s still a chance to get your hands on an up-cycled trainer later in the year.

Parley’s Ocean Plastic

Gutsch converted his agency from a design company to an environmental organisation after learning about the plastics problem. Now his Parley for the Oceans initiative aims to encourage other creatives to repurpose ocean waste, and come up with alternatives to plastic according to Dezeen.

“We need to reinvent plastic,” Gutsch told Dezeen. “We have to redesign the material, and question some of the product categories. We want to invent our way out of this.”

Gutsch has ongoing collaborations ranging from fashion brands such as G-Star RAW to the government of the Maldives.

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