French environmental documentary launches in the US on Earth Day

The award-winning French environmental documentary “Tomorrow” is set to launch in the US to coincide with Earth Day, 21 April.

“Tomorrow” follows actress Melanie Laurent and activist Cyril Dion as they travel around the world to explore the already-existing and inspiring solutions that can help us deal with climate change and environmental issues. The pair meet with leading environmental experts, and explore practical schemes from countries around the globe including the UK and Finland. Permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects and community-owned renewable initiatives are some of those highlighted as making a difference in food, energy, finance, democracy, and education.

“Tomorrow” is one of a number of 2016 documentaries tackling the topic of climate change. Actor Leonardo Di Caprio captured public attention last year with “Before the Flood”, featuring the Pope and Barack Obama. The Daily Planet tracked eight of 2016’s most popular climate change documentaries at the end of last year.

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