Documentary Explores Phenomenal Climate Change Solutions Around the World

Need some cheering up? A new film by Academy Award-winning documentary maker Charles Ferguson might leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

Although the trailer first highlights the challenges of climate change, the focus on the film is on solutions.

Ferguson said the most surprising discovery in making this film is also the most crucial fact about this issue: The solutions to climate change are already here, waiting for us.

Everywhere his team travelled during the production there were people developing new ways of living, and benefiting from them. These are the stories that he thinks will lead society forward.

Time to Choose

Ferguson is well-known for tackling big subjects with his films. His first film, No End in Sight, took a critical look at the American occupation of Iraq and his second, Inside Job, covered the global financial meltdown that took place in 2008.

This time round Ferguson is shining a light on climate change. His newest film, Time to Choose, is putting an emphasis on the positive solutions being used to tackle climate change.

Time to Choose explores the climate change challenge and takes an in-depth look at what solutions are already available all around the world.

The documentary features interviews with innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and those living the effects of global warming.

Huge Opportunity

The trailer sets the audience up with information on the challenges and ‘ticking clock’ we are currently facing before pointing out “This is a crisis but it’s a huge opportunity because we can shift the way we live”.

There are phenomenal changes happening including developments in technology which are taking on climate change. Although we are facing a ticking clock if we decide to make the right decisions we still have time to reverse climate change.

Time to Choose executive producer Jeff Horowitz hopes that the film will inspire people to take action, he said “This movie was made to galvanise change! It is really important that we listen, learn and act.”

Keep an eye on the film’s website to see when it comes to your part of the world.

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