‘Europe’s Donald’ Calls For Climate Action, Not Just “Agreements”

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has recently been making headlines as a climate change denier. But did you know the EU already has a president called Donald?

“We need actions not only declarations and agreements,” the European Donald said about climate change this week during a visit to Greenland. Donald Tusk is president of the European Council, the EU body that represents the national heads of state and government in Brussels.

President Tusk – who was the longest-serving prime minister of post-communist Poland – travelled per helicopter to Greenland, where he witnessed some of the direct impact of climate change in person.

Standing near a glacier, Tusk said: “Just five minutes ago an ice wall has fallen here, maybe it is attractive for tourists, but in fact it is the most dramatic evidence of how important the global warming issue is,” he said.

Tusk promised that he would “bring his impressions” to the G7 summit this month in Japan and the G20 summit in China later this year and will urge world leaders to take action.

President Tusk travelled to Copenhagen and Greenland this week (17 and 18 May) on invitation of Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Tusk tweeted that the European Union is looking to “strengthen and broaden” its ties with Greenland, which is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm and not a member of the EU.

Whereas Donald Trump likes to boast how he turned a loan of “only” one billion from his father into billions, Tusk had a more modest upbringing in Poland. His father worked as a carpenter on the Polish railways, and his mother was a secretary at a hospital.

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