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Dutch designer expands smog sucking technology to drones!

Smog sucking drones © Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has sketched out his most recent thoughts on how we might have to cope with air pollution in the future – smog sucking drones.

Speaking after the launch of the newest installation of his smog sucking tower in Krakow, Poland, he suggested the drone could function as an alternative to a stiff face mask, by making use of the downward air flow.

The drones are the latest ‘dream’ in his awareness raising ‘Smog Free Project‘, which also include smog filtering bicycles, and the sale of the filtered pollution trapped in ‘smog rings’, each representing 1000m3 of clean air.

The newest smog free tower in Jordana Park, Krakow. Image c/o Studio Roosegaarde

The Polish smog sucking tower, which was switched on on the 16 February, was placed in Kraków – a city chosen because of its leadership in tackling air pollution in one of Europe’s worst polluted countries.

The installation smog vacuum-cleaner is intended not only as a local solution to create cleaner air in Jordan Park in central Krakow, but also as a ‘social activator’ to inspire citizens, government, NGOs, pro-bicycle campaigns and the clean-tech industry to work towards making cities smog free.

The newest smog free tower in Jordana Park, Krakow. Image c/o Studio Roosegaarde


Smog Free Pop Up, at MOCAK, Ullica Lipowa 4, 30 – 702 Krakow is open Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 – 19:00 shows the Smog Free Ring made from compressed smog particles collected from the tower.

You can visit the Smog Free Tower at Jordan Park, Aleja 3 Maja 11, 30-062 Krakow from 6:00 – 22:00. Entry to the park is free of charge.