Discover Europe’s 24 Carbon-Neutral Airports

Photo: Ekaterina Pokrovsky /
Photo: Ekaterina Pokrovsky /

You want to make your city trip or holiday greener, but you don’t want to give up flying? The answer is location, location, location.

Participants in the global Airport Carbon Accreditation programme have been exchanging information about how to measure their direct and indirect emissions – and how to reduce their footprint as much as possible – since 2009.

Improvements range from better energy efficiency of buildings to working with airlines to reduce runway taxiing times. Airports that purchase carbon offsets to deal with the remainder of emissions eliminate their carbon footprint altogether.

These airports’ efforts won’t quite mean the carbon output of the flights themselves will be zero – but if you must fly, you might as well try to fly as green as possible.

The vast majority of airports that have so far been certified as ‘carbon neutral’ are located in Europe, and the Daily Planet has looked them up on social media – they’re ready for you to explore!

1. Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur, France

Nice’s Côte d’Azur airport is the latest airport to become carbon neutral in Europe – and the first to achieve the status in France. It is the third busiest airport in the country, and serves as the main port of arrival for visitors to the French Riviera.

In this Instagram post, the airport shares a picture of its first-ever bar restaurant!

#fbf le tout premier bar-restaurant de l'#aeroportnice, l'Aviatic. #vintage

A photo posted by Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur (@aeroportnice) on

2. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a Climate-KIC partner, is the main international airport of the Netherlands and the fifth busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers. This tweet by Schiphol shows how the airport welcomes passengers with plants and flowers.

3. Ankara Esenboga International Airport, Turkey

Esenboga International Airport is Ankara’s international airport, ranking as the fourth busiest airport in the country. This tweet by the airport announces the addition of Bremen, Germany, to its list of destinations in Europe.

4. Antalya Airport, Turkey

Antalya Airport is a major airport on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, and of course Kebab is one its the food options as this tweet shows.

5. Åre Östersund Airport, Sweden

This airport is located near Östersund in the middle of Sweden and serves as the city’s international airport. Åre Östersund features a “green oasis” as seen in this Facebook post. It is a place where passengers can relax before or after a flight, and learn more about flora an fauna.

6. East Midlands Airport, UK

The East Midlands Airport is located between the cities of Derby, Nottingham and Leicester in the United Kingdom. The airport is a major air cargo hub and was the second busiest UK airport for freight traffic in 2015.

The sun may not come out as often as they would like in the East Midlands, but when it does they sure know how to celebrate it. In this tweet the airport’s social team explains how to make “Cherry Coladas.”

7. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands

This the second largest airport in the Netherlands, well behind Amsterdam Schiphol Airport which serves more than ten times as many passengers. The airport’s Facebook feed contains some creative photography!

8. Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Sweden

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is the international airport serving Sweden’s Gothenburg region, and the country’s second-largest airport. This Facebook post shows passengers on their way to the Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium earlier this summer.

9. Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, Turkey

The international Izmir Adnan Menderes airport serves Turkey’s west coast. If you’re lucky, you might be greeted with flowers as you can see in this Facebook post.

10. Kiruna Airport, Sweden

This is the northernmost airport in Sweden. Kiruna Airport is also the location of Sweden’s spaceport and is set to become Virgin Galactic’s second base in addition to their US facilities. This video on the airport’s Facebook page provides a quick overview of the surroundings.

11. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Italy

This airport near Rome was named after the inventor of the first proto helicopter and a flying machine with wings. Rome has many attractions including the Basilica dome designed by Michelangelo, as highlighted in this tweet.

12. Lulea Airport, Sweden

Lulea Airport is the largest airport in northern Sweden. This Facebook message promotes a green exhibition in the airport’s arrivals hall.

13. Malmö Airport, Sweden

This airport is located near Malmö in southern Sweden, and also provides access to Copenhagen in Denmark via the Öresund Bridge. The airport uses a range of electric vehicles to reduce its emissions, and this Facebook post features the smallest model.

14. Manchester Airport, UK

The third busiest airport in the United Kingdom is located in northern England. According to this tweet Manchester Airport passengers had to throw away more than 226,000 bottles of water and soft drinks before going through security last year.

15. Milan-Linate Airport, Italy

Milan-Linate is Milan’s second largest international airport. This tweet shows that “even in Milan you can see stretches of green.”

16. Milan-Malpensa Airport, Italy

Milan’s largest international airport serves millions of passengers in the city’s surrounding regions. This Instagram post shows what a landing at Malpensa Airport looks like from a pilot’s point of view.

17. Oslo Airport, Norway

Oslo Airport is the largest international airport serving Norway’s capital city. If the weather is right you can enjoy a Norwegian breakfast with a view, this Instagram post shows.

18. Ronneby Airport, Sweden

This is a smaller airport in southern Sweden and the 15th biggest airport in the country. This Facebook post shows passenger Johanna, who used the airport to get to a conference about promoting alternative culture in Sweden.

19. Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is Sweden’s largest airport and functions as a major international gateway for the rest of the Scandinavian country. This Facebook posts shows the recent arrival of US vice president Joe Biden.

20. Stockholm-Bromma Airport, Sweden

Stockholm-Bromma is the smaller of the city’s two airports, and the third busiest airport in Sweden. The airport offered “free drop-in marriages” in July, according to this Facebook post.

21. Trondheim Airport, Værnes, Norway

This airport serves Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city. The airport also features charging facilities for electric and hybrid cars, according to this Facebook post.

22. Umea Airport, Sweden

Umea Airport is the seventh largest airport in Sweden and serves the city of Umeå in the north of the country. This Facebook post shows how local band the YeBanishedPrivateers recently used the airport for a trip to Germany.

23. Venice Airport, Italy

Venice Airport is the north Italian city’s main international airport. You never know what you might run into at Venice Airport, judging by this tweet.

24. Visby Airport, Sweden

Visby Airport is located on Sweden’s largest island: Gotland. Here’s what the airport used to look like back in the day!

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