Copenhagenize offers a strategy for building bike-centric cities


Mikael Colville-Andersen, urban designer and founder of Copenhagenize—a design studio specialising in bike infrastructure—has now released a book, “Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism”, with the aim of promoting an uptake in urban cycling.

According to the European Environmental Agency’s “Air quality in Europe—2017 report”, the year 2015 was a historically warm year globally and the road transport sector was the largest contributor to total nitrogen oxide emissions and the second largest emitter of black carbon.

“Air pollution continues to have significant impacts on the health of the European population, particularly in urban areas. It also has considerable economic impacts, cutting lives short, increasing medical costs, and reducing productivity through working days lost across the economy.”


“Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism” is a 296-page book that further elucidates Copenhagenize’s mission to reduce automobile emissions, and subsequently, air pollution, by encouraging bike-centric city-level changes as well as individual lifestyle changes—generating a virtuous cycle.

The book shows how bicycles can become a preferred mode of transport via project descriptions, engaging stories, and best practices—presented alongside beautiful and informative visuals.

According to Copenhagenize, “The bicycle enjoyed a starring role in urban history over a century ago, but now it is back, stronger than ever. It is the single most important tool for improving our cities. Designing around it is the most efficient way to make our cities life-sized—to scale cities for humans. It is time to cement the bicycle firmly in the urban narrative in US and global cities.”

Copenhagen provides an encouraging example of how a city can transform in this regard: 41 per cent of the population commutes to work or school via bicycles within the Metro area and 56 per cent of all Copenhageners use bicycles every day.


According to its website, “Copenhagenize Design Co. works on planning cities, districts, and neighbourhoods, integrating simplicity, logic and human nature into mobility networks. Armed with best-practice street design refined over a hundred years, we specialise in applying an anthropological and human-centred approach to bicycle planning.”

Copenhagenize covers a whole spectrum of services related to encouraging cycling in cities, including planning and design, communications, study tours, keynotes, and master classes. Learn more via its website and blog.

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