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Can a Shocking Climate Change Video be Hilarious?

If you thought the Daily Planet’s Leonardo DiCaprio April Fools’ joke was amusing, don’t miss this 2015 prank by a US advocacy group.

NextGen Climate, a San Francisco-based environmental organisation, posted a 3-minute video entitled “The shocking truth about climate change” on 1 April with the hashtag “#TheBiggestHoax.”

The YouTube clip looks like a recording of a news network broadcast and claims to have some breaking news about climate change.

Biggest Practical Joke of All Time

“Tonight, the scientists behind the global warming hoax tell us how they pulled off the biggest practical joke of all time,” the news anchor announces.

The rest of the video features hilarious fake interviews with one of the scientists responsible for “the biggest prank of all time” and a polar bear trainer involved in a conspiracy to make the animals look sad.

When asked what the scientists’ next joke will be, the answer is: “Oh this isn’t our first joke. (…) Tobacco doesn’t cause cancer, no one has ever been to the moon and germs aren’t really a thing.”

The YouTube clip caused a lot of buzz on social media, with one Twitter user saying: “Those rascally scientists fooled us all!”

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