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9 Government TV Advertisements About Climate Change

Screenshot of a TV advertisement by Canada's Alberta province.
Screenshot of a TV advertisement by Canada's Alberta province.

Some public service messages about climate change focus on the opportunities, others highlight the doom and gloom. But either approach tends to stir up a bit of controversy.

For the conspiracy minded climate sceptics of this world, a public service message about climate action is about the worst thing a government could do. “Brainwashing” and “propaganda” they call it.

But governments say they have a responsibility to lead, and to communicate about the serious consequences of climate change and also about the major opportunities that climate action offers to their citizens.

Who do you think is right? The Daily Planet has taken to YouTube to find you some of the TV and video advertisements in question!

1. Alberta, Canada

The government of Canada’s Alberta province recently launched this advertisement as part of a $4.4 million summer campaign, according to CTV news.

2. United Kingdom

Back in 2009, this advertisement was launched by the UK government. It was part of a £6m campaign in which the government threw its weight behind the scientific evidence that climate change is man-made, the Guardian reported at the time.

3. Poland

This commercial promoted the COP14 UN climate summit that was organised in Poland back in 2008. Select the settings button at the bottom right of the video to select English subtitles.

4. Scotland, United Kingdom

The Scottish Government launched this action-packed TV advert in March of 2016.

5. South Africa

This advertisement was launched by South Africa’s environment ministry in 2011.

6. United States of America

This video was released by the White House in 2015 to promote president Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

7. Ontario, Canada

Canada’s Ontario province launched a provocative TV ad in June 0f 2016 to promote its new $8.3 billion climate action plan, the Daily Planet reports.

8. European Union

In 2014, the European Commission launched this video to highlight its new emission reduction targets for 2030.

9. Bonus: Hillary Clinton

Not a public service message, but a campaign video. Hillary Clinton launched this ad in 2015 as part of her bid for the White House. Clinton says she wants to turn the United States into the world’s “clean energy superpower.”

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