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7 Takeaways From Bill Gates’ Climate Change And Superpowers Reddit Session

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit

Last week the world’s richest man returned to Reddit for his fourth AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he covered a wide range of topics including climate change.

Bill Gates and Snoo, the Reddit mascot Photo: Reddit
Bill Gates and Snoo, the Reddit mascot Photo: Reddit

Bill and Melinda Gates have published their 2016 annual letter “If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?”. Their letter highlighted the urgent need for an “energy miracle” and the need to shift cultural norms that lead to women spending more time on unpaid work than men do.

On Tuesday Bill Gates took to Reddit to promote this letter and to answer questions from Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) community.

7 Takeaways

Gates answered over 30 questions from users during his AMA – we’ve selected some of the main points he made.

1. More risk taking equals less greenhouse gases

2. Politics is short term, climate change is long term

3. He didn’t believe in vacation in his 20’s, but he does now

4. Most breakthrough things are done by young people 

5. Artificial intelligence could become dangerous

6. Hoverboards are already dangerous (although he’s never tried them)

7. He doesn’t want Donald Trump to become US president

Gates signed off his session on Reddit by asking users to “Please Use Your Super Powers For Good”:

What Is Reddit’s Ask Me Anything?

AMA – or Ask Me Anything – is a ‘subreddit’ of the popular social news forum Reddit. Users can start an AMA which prompts others to ask them questions about any topic.

AMAs are open to all users and are often frequented by celebrities including David AttenboroughNeil Degrasse Tyson, US President Barack Obama and many more.

Other interesting AMAs topics range from the seemly mundane of a five-year McDonald’s employee or a four-year old boy to nuclear scientists and former cult members.

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