6 Urban Garden Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

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From secret rooftop gardens to smart trees that suck up air pollution, these urban garden projects are not to be missed.

Urban areas are often huge contributors to climate change due to the high output of greenhouse gas emissions. So what are cities doing to solve this?

One of the changes cities around the world are implementing is adding more green spaces to reduce flooding, filter air pollution and cool local temperatures.

To get you an idea of what this looks like, we’re listing a few examples that we really love at the Daily Planet. These projects creatively contribute to tackling climate change, make cities a better place to live and also encourage a better appreciation of nature.

1. Pop-Up Garden Oasis

Image: popinnpark

This empty shop in Amsterdam was converted into a temporary indoor park, the first of its kind in Europe. The space includes plants, picnic tables, swings and a playground. It provides locals a place to meet, relax and interact without having to worry about bad weather!

The organisers behind the project also host various events centred around urban nature, green entrepreneurship and urban farming.

2. “Secret” Rooftop Gardens

Image: contemporist
Image: contemporist

From ground level, this building might fool you into thinking it’s just another typical corporate office tower. But if you get a look from high above, you’ll see there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The Shenye TaiRan Building in Shenzhen, China is covered in rooftop terraces that provide workers with idyllic getaways during their breaks, while at the same time helping tackle air pollution in the busy city.

3. ‘Smart’ Trees in Paris

Image: Green City Solutions
Image: Green City Solutions

Paris officials are introducing ‘smart’ trees across the city in a bid to curb air pollution. The trees come from Climate-KIC start-up Green City Solutions and combine air pollution monitors with vertically-installed moss culture to reduce fine dust and nitrous oxides. They’re 275 times more efficient than regular trees!

4. Greening Madrid

Image: Arup
Image: Arup

The Spanish capital is spending millions to tackle climate change head-on by covering every unused space in plants. The ambitious project will cover as many roofs and walls as possible, whilst also expanding existing parks.

The influx in greenery will help reduce flooding by absorbing rainwater, insulate and soundproof buildings, provide shade in public places and help clean pollution in the air.

In a pilot of the green roofs in some Madrid neighbourhoods temperatures were reduced by more than four degrees.

5. Beehive Inspired Gardens

Image: OFL Architecture
Image: OFL Architecture

Zighizaghi is a multi-sensory urban garden that was build to provide a welcoming, green space for the citizens of Favara in south central Sicily.

Inspired by honeycombs, the area consists of several hexagonal shapes that are either wooden or filled with plants. The red structures are luminescent and play music, giving visitors the opportunity to sit, listen and explore in the area.

6. River Inspired Pathways

Image: Penda Design
Image: Penda Design

This landscape design was chosen as the winner of the tenth International Garden Expo in Wuhan, China last year. Through its river-like shape, the landscape pavilion – created by the designers behind Penda – highlights the importance of clean water and protecting the environment.

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