5 Movie Classics to Inspire Your Inner Climate Change Activist

Running a little low on inspiration? We’ve all been there. Why not start by checking some of our favourite movie classics below!

1 FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

If you didn’t know already: FernGully is basically the original Avatar. Although you may think of it as a silly children’s film, it’s arguably one the greatest environmental films ever made.

Bold statement, yes, but the film captured the imaginations of young children (who are now in their 20s) and showed them the consequences of deforestation.

The film was even shown at the UN’s General Assembly Hall in New York on Earth Day 1992!

2 Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brockovich tells the real-life story of a single mother of three who discovered a decades-long cover-up of illegal water contamination that led to huge health problems in a local town.

This film was a smash hit and Julia Robert’s did an outstanding job of bringing the unintentional activist’s battle into the limelight.

3 Soylent Green (1973)

Soylent Green is set in the urban, overpopulated “distant future” of 2022 (not-so-distant now!). The world’s population is surviving on food rations issued by the Soylent Corporation who have just released a new product: Soylent Green.

By now most people should know what the mysterious special ingredient of Soylent Green was – but I won’t spoil it just in case – but the film does paint a very dark and scary picture of what an overpopulated, under-resourced planet could look like.

4 the Truth About Climate Change (2006)

So technically a documentary and not a film BUT almost anything narrated by David Attenborough will leave you with a new found love for nature. Being a climate activist himself, his documentaries always deliver a profound message that the Earth is a unique, incredible planet that needs to be protected.

This series came in two parts; ‘Are We Changing Planet Earth?’ and then ‘Can We Save Planet Earth?’. First broadcast in 2006 they may seem slightly outdated but are still a piece of environmental film history.

Attenborough himself admitted to previously being sceptical about man-made global warming until he was shown graphs from climate scientists.

5 Wall-E

Wall-E is Pixar’s painting of an apocalyptic future on Earth deserted by humans and overflowing with junk.

Pixar tried to downplay any environmental themes however actor Fred Willard, who stars in the animation, says “It absolutely is a cautionary tale… I hope it implants in young people’s minds to keep our planet clean and be more conscious of the environment.”

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