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4 Apps to Try if You’re Curious About Climate Change

The Plume Air Report app includes Apple Watch notifications about the air quality in your neighbourhood. Photo: Plume Labs

Want to stay informed about climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy?

We’ve selected a few apps that put the latest data at your fingertips.

1. Earth Now – This amazing NASA app puts the planet in the palm of your hand

NASA’s “Earth Now” smartphone app visualises near-real-time planet-wide climate data from a fleet of Earth science satellites. With the incoming US president threatening to shut down NASA’s Earth observation programmes, now is the time to give the app a go while it is still fully functional.

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2. Green Driving Tool – This web app helps reduce your old car’s carbon emissions

Want to go electric, but still saving for that new ride? There’s an app for that! The web-based ‘Green Driving Tool’ estimates the fuel costs and CO2 emissions of your current petrol or diesel car, based on information such as your car brand and model, engine power and your driving style.

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3. Gridwatch – Does your phone charge on coal or solar? There’s an app for that!

Knowledge is power, and yet you probably have no idea where exactly the electricity you use to charge your phone, power your fridge and do the dishes (if you’re lucky) comes from. Depending on where you are in the world, you might also be able to use a simple app that tells you exactly how the electricity you use is being generated at this exact moment – and whether it is clean or not.

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4. Plume Air Report – Air quality in your neighbourhood

Plume Labs, supported by Climate-KIC, is helping users around the world dodge pollution with their Air Report smartphone app. You can check air quality level forecasts throughout the day and receive notifications about the air quality in your own neighbourhood. You can share the results on social media with pretty, data-rich photo overlays.

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