13 Ways You Can Take Part in ‘Climate Action August’

Photo: PKpix /
Photo: PKpix /

NASA says 2016 is on track to be the hottest year ever, so how can you do your bit to fight climate change this summer?

Whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday, you can make a difference by taking action, and posting about it on social media.

Create or share posts with hashtag #ClimateActionAugust, and inspire others to step up as well. From camping and recycling to pitching and exporting, here are 13 ways you could get started!

1. Camp Climate Friendly

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2. Start an Indoor Garden

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3. Have a Green Festival Experience

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4. Share These Videos

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5. Use Less Plastic

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6. Waste Less Food

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7. Use Energy Conciously

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8. Build Your Own Recycling Plant

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9. Hug a Tree!

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10. Figure Out How to Start a Business

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11. Learn How To Pitch it

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12. Take Your Green Start-Up Abroad

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13. Post About it on Social Media

Are you ready to take your green business to the next level? Find out how Climate-KIC could help your start-up grow.

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