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13 Examples of How Glamorous Climate Policy Can be in 2016

Photo: @melaniejoly /
Photo: @melaniejoly /

Think climate policy is dull? Think again. Last week, it was one of the key topics discussed by policy makers from the United States and Canada over a glamorous dinner at the White House.

European climate change ministers, look away! Your EU dinners and summits in Brussels are a far cry from the glitz and glamour of Washington DC, tweets from your Canadian counterpart Catherine McKenna reveal.

1. First things first: before a day of climate policy in the US capital, McKenna went for a run on America’s National Mall.

2. McKenna and some of her colleagues got front row seats at the White House press conference where the US and Canada announced a new climate change agreement.

3. She also joined prime minister Trudeau and president Obama in the Oval Office.

4. Who’s that playing the piano before dinner?

5. The two-week Paris climate change summit in 2015 forged many international friendships.

6. “Because it’s 2016,” McKenna quotes the Canadian prime minster. It was his answer to the question, “why are half of your ministers women.”

7. We’re pretty certain this beats the dining room of the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels.

8. You never know who you run in to at a White House dinner, like Ryan Reynolds or Michael J. Fox!

9. Okay, it’s not all glamour. The next day, it was back to work.

10. McKenna dropped by the World Bank to discuss climate finance.

11. She worked the press to make as much noise about the climate change deal as possible.

12. Success: the climate change deal made the front pages!

13. After two days, it’s back to the Canadian capital Ottawa, a few hours north of Washington DC.

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