12 Examples of How to Enjoy Car Free Day Anywhere in the World

Photo: @RadissonSonya / Twitter
Photo: @RadissonSonya / Twitter

Every year on and around 22 September, people around the world ditch their cars in the name of climate action and healthier living.

During the weekends leading up to and following World Car Free Day, cities across the globe ban cars from central areas and host community events to highlight how everyone would benefit from more pedestrianised areas – and cleaner, healthier air.

Some cities even take it a step further and organise multiple car-free days per year, or once a month. We’ve listed a few examples of how people take climate action and celebrate car-free days around the world!

1. People Play Frisbee on Ghent’s Deserted Highways

“Reclaim the streets.” Playing frisbee on the deserted highway on carfree sunday. 📷 by @mua_katrijn #theultimatelife

A photo posted by Johan ‘Bommie’ Bommerez (@johanbommie) on

2. Brussels’ Chaussee de Louvain Was Turned Into One Big Slide

3. Penny-Farthings Take Over the Streets of St Petersburg

4. Vienna’s Roads Are Reclaimed With Street Parties

5. People Pass Through The Arc de Triomphe in Paris

6. Why Not Grill Your Dinner on The Empty Streets Like This Guy in Copenhagen?


7. Cyclists Cross Empty Bridges on The Isle of Anglesey, UK

8. Children Are Out in Full Force at Veranda Beach, USA

9. Tbilisi, Georgia Turns Its Streets into Colourful Murals


10. People Play Futbol on The Streets Of Bolivia

11. Cyclists Take Over the Normally Jam-Packed Streets in Bangkok


12. Fight For a Lane in Toronto, “in a Good Way!”

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